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e Harmony’s Compatibility Matching System™ is a specially designed questionnaire created to match singles based on key factors, like their personality traits, sense of tradition, and educational background.

I eventually left my full time job that I hated so much and became one full time. Where else can you get paid to help others get healthy and enjoy the journey there? The kind of mate, that when we are together you are my focus, but am also comfortable spending time apart as we live our day to day lives.

I'm best described as a woman who doesn't get bored. I am a single mom living in Toronto love art music politics reading writing AND LOTS OF KINKY SEX LOL! Something clicked in my head where I decided enough was enough and it was time to get healthy.

My soul is too creative and full of wonder for that. Hoping to meet someone with a like personality that isnt afraid to step out of their comfort zone and dive right into life. I started out participating in group exercise classes at a local gym and soon became hooked.

I enjoy challenging myself to realize a new part of me that I might not have otherwise known existed. I ended up losing a lot of the excess weight I carried around and it changed my life; so much so that I decided that I wanted to become a group exercise instructor.

I'm starting to think that life is too short for me to fully realize what I'm capable of lol, but I'm loving the woman I'm becoming on this path to finding out. I'm a hip girl trying to make a move on this dating life. I wanted to inspire others the way I was to get up off the couch and start moving.